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How to playback Chords with MIDI sound

One you have created and saved Guitar Tab, musicians viewing your tab can see a chord diagram for each of the chords in your tab, and can play them back using the built in MIDI sound.  We have recently added the ability to control the strumming speed and direction of the chords: we now offer the ability to strum the chord up or down, and you can choose to play the chord either quickly or slow enough to pluck through each note.  

I have created a sample tab for you to follow along with, that shows off some basic Major Chords, you can access it here:

Step 1: Select the "View and Playback Chords in Tab" menu item found above the fretboard:

view and playback chords

This will switch the view to show the chord chart of all the chords found in the guitar tablature.

chord diagram

Step 2: Choose the strumming direction of the chord

Beneath each chord diagram will appear two buttons: "strum up" and "Strum down".  These control the direction of the strum, either from the Bottom of the fretboard to the top (strum up) or vice versa (strum down).

Step 3: Choose the strumming speed

You can changer the speed at which the chord is strummed using the slider at the bottom of the chord diagrams. Moving the slider to the far left will speed up the strumming to as fast as possible, while moving it to the far right will slow it down to the point you can make out each note individually.  By moving the selector between these two positions, you can find the correct speed for your learning.