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Adding a Description to a Fretboard Diagram

Adding a Description to a Fretboard Diagram


Each fretboard diagram can be enhanced with a brief description that explains its purpose or highlights specific details. Follow the steps below to seamlessly add a description to your fretboard diagram.

Step 1: Locate the "Description" Button

Look for the "Description" button on the diagram interface. This button is appropriately named to simplify the process of adding a description to your fretboard diagram.

Step 2: Open the Description Dialog

Click on the "Description" button, and a text box will appear on your screen. This text box serves as the space where you can input your description. As you type, you'll notice the description appearing at the bottom of the fretboard diagram in real-time.

Step 3: Close the Dialog

Once you've added your description, press the "Close" button to close the dialog. The button will now reflect the added description, making it easily accessible for future edits.

Step 4: Continue Creating and Editing

Feel free to continue creating new fretboard diagrams or editing existing ones. The added descriptions will enhance the clarity and understanding of each diagram.

Step 5: Utilize Alternate Diagrams

When you add the current diagram to your alternate list, the associated description will carry over. This feature ensures that your descriptions remain linked to the specific fretboard diagram, making it convenient for reference.

Step 6: Editing Descriptions

If you need to make changes to the description associated with a diagram, simply edit the text in the description dialog. After editing, save your changes by pressing the "Update Diagram" button.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly incorporate helpful descriptions into your fretboard diagrams, providing valuable insights for yourself and others who may reference the diagrams in the future.