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Welcome to Guitar Tab Creator, the ultimate online tool for creating and editing guitar tablature. Our platform boasts a variety of robust tools, including a fretboard, scales, chords, and tunings, allowing you to easily generate tablature for guitar or bass. As a web-based tool, there is no software to install, making it easy to access from anywhere at any time.

Our commitment to providing the best possible experience for musicians is reflected in our range of features. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced guitarist, Guitar Tab Creator has everything you need to create professional-quality tablature. Our user-friendly interface includes tools for creating chords and scales, while our advanced functions allow for customizing tunings and using complex timing features.

Our interactive fretboard allows for easy note placement and tablature editing without worrying about formatting. You can even overwrite or change notes in any position on the guitar tab.

At Guitar Tab Creator, we are committed to helping you create, save, and share your guitar tablature with ease. Our intuitive platform is designed to make the process as seamless as possible, and our comprehensive range of features ensures that your tablature is of the highest quality. Try Guitar Tab Creator today and discover the ultimate online tool for guitar tablature creation.

Explore Our Powerful Features

Export your tabs to PDF
Easily export your tabs and sheet music directly to PDF format, ensuring high-quality prints and easy sharing capabilities, wherever your music takes you.

Saving Guitar Tabs
Never lose a beat! Save your work as you go. Our system ensures that every note and tab is stored securely, so you can return to perfect your compositions anytime.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Speed up your tabbing process with intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Accessible and easy-to-learn controls that make navigation and editing as straightforward as strumming a chord.

Multiple Instruments
Whether you’re a guitarist, bassist, or play the ukulele, our tool supports an array of string instruments, allowing you to compose with versatility and precision.

Playback Your Tabs
Hear your music come to life with our playback feature. Review and refine your tabs with real-time audio feedback to ensure they sound just as you intended.

Privacy and Sharing Options
Choose to publish your tabs to our community or keep them private for personal use. Control who sees your work with customizable sharing settings.

Scales and Chords Library
Access an extensive library of scales and chords. Explore different musical possibilities and incorporate them seamlessly into your tabs.

Fretboard Diagram Tool
Visualize finger placements with our fretboard diagram tool. A visual aid that helps you understand and document the exact positioning for notes and chords.