Hot Key Short Cuts

Instead of clicking around to create guitar tabs, we've added a set of Hot Keys that can be used as shortcuts.

These are the current keyboard shortcuts available on the site:

h = Hammer On
b = Bend
p = Pull Up
r = Release
/ or the "up arrow" = Slide Up
"down arrow" = Slide Down
v = Vibrato
Backspace, Delete and the "left arrow" = go back (erase)
Carriage Return = New Line
c = Create Chords/End Creating Chords
x = mute strings (when creating chords)
Right Arrow = next chord (when creating chords)
Right Arrow = rest (when not creating chords)
Space = Rest


A great tool you have made. Could you add the ability to repeat a chord or repeat the previous chord?

Keep up the good work


Guitar Tab Creator is intended to store guitar tab created through the tool. It currently does not support in-line text editing. Any text you place in here will be lost. If you need to comment on your tab, please use the "Tab Notes" section located below.