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How to Make Chords Using the Standard Editor

While the terminology may sound strange, the process of creating chords in our Standard Editor is a straightforward and designed to accommodate various musical backgrounds and terminologies. This guide will walk you through using the "Vertically Stack Notes" feature to craft chords seamlessly on the guitar fretboard. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Locate the "Vertically Stack Notes" Controls

Start by identifying the controls on the right side of your editor interface, labeled "Vertically Stack Notes". This is your gateway to entering the chord creation mode, where you can build chords by stacking notes vertically.

Chord Tool

Step 2: Initiate a New Chord or Interval

Once you're ready to begin constructing your chord, press the button marked "Start New Chord or Interval". This action shifts the editor into a mode that allows you to stack multiple notes together as part of a chord structure.

Click Here

Step 3: Understand Your Options

After starting a new chord, you'll see three main options that control how you build and manage your chords:

Chord Options

  1. "End Making Chord": Select this button when you are finished with your current chord. Clicking this will exit the chord tool and revert the editor back to standard, individual note entry mode. This allows you to continue composing your piece without further chord stacking until you choose to re-enter the chord mode.

  2. "Add Another Set of Notes to the Tab": If you wish to create another chord within the same tab, use this button. It increments the tab and starts a new chord, allowing continuous chord creation without leaving the tool. This is useful for composing progression or sequences of chords efficiently.

  3. "Click Here to Mute a String": This option enables you to mute specific strings during chord creation. When selected, clicking on any string will place a mute marker ("x") on that string, indicating that it should not be played when this chord is executed. This feature is especially handy for creating more complex chord voicings or when certain strings should remain silent.

Tips for Effective Chord Creation

  • Visualize Before You Click: Before starting a chord, have a clear idea of its structure. Knowing which notes and strings will be involved can help streamline the creation process.
  • Experiment Freely: Don’t hesitate to try different combinations and configurations. Our editor allows for easy adjustments and changes, so exploring various chord shapes and sounds can lead to unique musical expressions.
  • Regular Saves: Make it a habit to save your work frequently during the composition process to prevent any loss of your musical ideas.


The "Vertically Stack Notes" feature in the Standard Editor is designed to simplify and enhance your chord-making experience, whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician. By following these steps, you can effectively create chords that add depth and harmony to your compositions. We encourage you to use this tool to explore the vast possibilities of chord progressions and enrich your musical pieces.