This is a feature that is available to members of Guitar Tab Creator. You simply need to Register for an account, it takes a minute and is completely free!  Here's a video showing you how to change the guitar tuning of your tab from the standard tuning to anything you want:


Hovering over the Notes at the end of the neck highlights the note and allows you to show the Tuning Window.  

When you click on any note you will be presented with the Guitar Tuning Window:

Select an Individual string to tune

At the top of the window you will see a smaller version of the fretboard of the standard six string guitar.  The Default Tuning is the Standard six string guitar tuning, and is shown as the selected option in each of the tuning controls.  The notes are displayed using the Scientific pitch notation (also known as American Standard Pitch Notation) where the letter gives the pitch name of each note, and the number indicates in which octave the pitch lies.

To change the note of an individual string, you expand the select box and find the note you are looking for, and select it!  

Choose a Predefined tuning

Below the fretboard and individual tuning area is another select box that has a catalog of the most popular predefine guitar tunings.  When you make a selection, the values are automatically populated to the strings for you!


Below the Tuning select box is another selection box with the label "Capo".  This allows you to choose a fret number to add your capo setting to.  This will add the phrase "Capo Fret X" (where X is the number selected in the Capo select box


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