Guitar Postitions with the Scale Tool

Learning Blues Scale Postions or the Pentatonic Scale Postitions in guitar tab has been a challenge.  Using Guitar Tab Creator, we make it easy for beginners to visualize scales, and how to use them in guitar tabs.   

The Scale tool is used to overlay the notes of a scale on the fretboard. It is a visual guide to help you make guitar tab. The Tool has a two selections, the key of the scale, and the type of scale. There are two buttons, the  button is use to show the scale, while the  button is used to remove the scale from the fretboard.

I've created a video showing how to use the scale tool:


Guitar Tab Creator is intended to store guitar tab created through the tool. It currently does not support in-line text editing. Any text you place in here will be lost. If you need to comment on your tab, please use the "Tab Notes" section located below.