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Animating Fretboard Diagrams

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on animating fretboard diagrams! This tool is designed to help you visualize chord progressions, customize your diagrams, and share your creations with ease. Follow the steps below to master the art of fretboard animation.

Getting Started

Follow along with our Instructional Video

Creating Your First Chord Diagram

  1. Select a Chord: Start by choosing the chord you wish to create. For beginners, a G chord is a great starting point.
  2. Add Markers: Click on the fretboard where you want to place a marker. If the fret is empty, a marker will be added. Clicking on an existing marker will remove it.
  3. Label Your Chord: Once you're satisfied with your chord diagram, add a description. For example, label it "G chord."
  4. Save Your Diagram: Save your diagram to your collection of alternate diagrams for future use.

Customizing Your Diagram

  1. Change Colors: Customize your diagram by changing the colors of the markers. You can adjust the border color, fill color, and text color to your liking.
  2. Add Notes or Numbers: Enhance your diagram by showing notes or numbers on each marker. This is especially useful for educational purposes or complex chord structures.

Animating Your Diagrams

  1. Create Multiple Diagrams: To animate, you'll need at least two diagrams in your alternate collection.
  2. Adjust Timing: Assign timing to each diagram, from whole notes to sixteenth notes, to control the animation pace.
  3. Animate: With multiple diagrams ready, press the animation button to see your diagrams come to life.

Adjusting Animation Speed

  • Speed Up: Increase the beats per minute (BPM) to speed up your animation.
  • Slow Down: Decrease the BPM for a slower animation pace.

Advanced Features

  • Custom Color Codes: For further customization, use custom color codes to get the exact hues you want.
  • Interactive Animations: Right-click on an animated diagram to open it in a new tab, save it, or copy it for use in another application.
  • Saving and Sharing: If you have an account, save your work to access a viewer for all your diagrams and control the tempo of animated images. You can choose to publish your work to share with others or keep it private.


Thank you for using our fretboard diagram tool! We hope this guide helps you create, customize, and animate your chord diagrams with ease. Whether you're teaching, learning, or simply exploring guitar chords, our tool is designed to enhance your musical journey.