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Making Guitar Tablature just got easier as we are pleased to announce the ability to change from the standard guitar tuning to either a custom tuning of your own design, or another tuning from our catalog of common alternate guitar tunings! If you use a capo and want to write some tab, this new feature will also allow you to add a capo to your tab.  

It is now easier than ever to tackle the overwhelming task of learning to play guitar in alternate tunings from standard.  The beginner guitarist can look through our catalog of alternate guitar tunings and choose one, while our advanced guitarists can modify the tunings to their own custom setting.  While we may not have made it easier to PLAY the guitar, we have certainly reduced the challenge of integrating alternate tunings into your guitar tab.

Visit our help page to get you started, or start making guitar tab now!

Guitar Tab Creator makes writing guitar tab easy from beginners to experts.  There is no software to download, and it works on mobile devices with no application to install.  Oh yeah, it's free.