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We have been busy working on ways to bring your guitar tab to the next level, and are happy to annouce the addition of MIDI playback for chords!  Once your guitar tab is created, any chord that you create will now load in a new interface that allows your users to not only see the chord pattern on the fretboard, but will be able to playback the chord and hear how it sounds!

If your users need to tune up before they start playing your tab, we have also included that into the interactive fretboard!  Just click on the note in the fretboard and we will play the note twice, after a few second delay.

Here is a sample of the new layout.  In it you will either be able to View the tab as "hotspots" on the fretboard, as well as to view and playback the chords in your guitar tab.  If your tabs do not have chords, these options will not be presented to you, and you will only see the interactive fretboard.

View of Chord Interface:

View of Fretboard Interface:

These Features will appear only on the saved tab, they are not part of the editing software.