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Watch the video that describes how to use the timing function:

Guitar Tab Creator now features the ability to add timing to your guitar tablature! To add timing to your guitar tab, simply look for the new timing control box located in the lower left hand corner:
It is important to note that you must enable timing BEFORE you add any notes to your guitar tab! To do this, simply check the "use timing" checkbox shown above.

The Select Box offers you seven different timings: Whole, Half, Quarter, 1/8th, 16th, 1/32nd,1/64th

When you enable timing, the output screen will have a legend and a new line to the tablature above the guitar tab. the legend looks as follows:

(W|WW) Whole (H|HH) Half (Q|QQ) Quarter (E|EE) 8th (S|SS) 16th (T|TT) 32nd (X|XX) 64th

And the new Guitar Tab looks like this:



Remember that you can always change the timing for the current note, but no previous note. You can use the function found in the "SHOW CONTROLS" box and that will start moving the tab backwards, and deleting the current note.