The amount of people that started using Guitar Tab Creator during the lockdown was quite impressive!   The daily number of users doubled during the global lockdown. Starting on March 9th, the first day of the lockdown in Italy, the daily total for Italian users doubled.  A similar trend emerged in Spain, with the daily users more than tripling after their lockdown started on March 14th.  And we saw a daily users from the United Kingdom triple starting around March 23.  The trend is the same with just about every country that had a lockdown due to the pandemic:  Users began to write down their thoughts on sites like Guitar Tab Creator in the most international of all languages: Music.

 After the upgrade of the site, I began to get emails from people that have accounts over 6 years old, who had forgotten their passwords and wanted to get back into tabbing.  I have hear from people all over the globe saying kind words about the site, in languages that required me to translate in order to understand!  I heard from Teachers who had to migrate to online learning and used the site to post tabs for their students. In all of the turmoil these past few months, I am genuinely happy and proud that Guitar Tab Creator provided some relief to the daily stresses of the pandemic, and that teachers and students benefited from the platform.