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New Features Added

I took some advice from my users and added the following features, plus fixed a few bugs:

New Features

1> You can now add a stave either before or after a stave you have created. This makes it easier to add in new work when you forgot something!

2> You can now delete specific notes in the advanced editor, OK, this was probably a bug, but I'm going to call it a new feature! Using the "delete" key will accomplish for you.

3> I've added a Shortcuts menu to the advanced editor that helps you understand all the keyboard shortcuts that exist, better than driving with your eyes shut or watching some outdated youtube video!

4> The Standard Editor tab will scroll the stave you are working on to the top, which makes it nice to see what you are tabbing.

Bug Fixes

1> There was a bug when creating chords and using the back button that caused your tabs to look horrible. This has been fixed.

2> On the Tab Viewer, if there are no chord, the display is hidden.

3> The Preview button was deleting your tabs so it went bye-bye. 4> There were some bugs when trying to delete notes that I fixed.

I appreciate the positive feedback and try to get your concerns into the app. If you want me to know something, you can use the contact form to reach me. - Gregg