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About Us

The idea for Guitar Tab creator is to have a simple online tool for making guitar tab, which required no special software to install on your computer. It is designed for guitarists who want to make guitar tab that easy to make, and easy to post to your favorite forums or social media sites. Because Guitar Tab Creator is available on the internet, it is as portable as you are!

Guitar Tab Creator has:

1. A realistic fretboard for easier tabbing!

2. Controls to add Chords to your guitar tab

3. Tools to help you visualize scales

4. Effects such as Hammer Ons, Pull Offs, Vibrato, Releases, Rests

5. Controls that allow you to add timing to the Guitar Tab

6. Post your tab directly to facebook.

7. Format your guitar tab for forums such as phpbb or vbulletin.

Guitar Tab Creator allows you to create easy to read guitar tabs that can be shared with your friends or easily posted to your favorite forums. Not only are the no software download requirements, there site requires no other proprietary browser applications to work - it uses the magic of javascript! iT is also compliant with every major browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Start using Guitar Tab Creator.