Note 1 - There's extra (but very faint) fills in between the lyrics of the chorus
that I was too lazy to tab out.

Note 2 - You could also play this riff with a "5" on the b string at the same time
you play the 5s on the e. I haven't decided which sounds better.

Note 3 - The part with the chords along the lines of "755" was difficult to tab,
so here it is in words: There's seven bends involving the 7th fret of the G string.
The first bend goes up to nine, while the next three are keeping it held at that note.
The next three release the bend back down to the 7. The first bend of these 7 is
the only one not accompanied by the "55" on top of it (on the b and e strings).

Note 4 - After sliding down the neck on the b string (that 12\0), either pull off
the string or strum the open b. It should sound off rather than just be a notation
of sliding down.

Note 5 - This phrase is repeated multiple times throughout the outro. It isn't
printed anywhere else because the guitar goes to a solo at this point. It's just
too hard to put the lyrics in the right spot.
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