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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
Hotel California (created by dtaq123)
No one is alone (created by Mweese)
A (created by gordonaaron)
jngl.j2ngl (created by s.j.h)
Sorrow and Pain (created by pp10)
Song 1 (created by JClancy)
Bears (created by mmalikisawesome)
Stairway solo (created by dhmulder)
third song (created by dreamboy101)
doop (created by jareds52)
Say Goodnight (created by Smeary)
Song 1 (created by edjsitnek)
Iris (created by drumdude311)
Do-dad (created by Kathead)
Test (created by El Jaguar)
That's Just Her (created by Pauvin)
Baby Song (created by Daylon123)
B (created by gordonaaron)
Eskimo (created by anilysis)
AB (created by Aaron Bosch)
Proto 1 (created by Rising_Grape)
Iris by Awie (created by nauzder)
EXP1 (created by JP)
EXP2 (created by JP)
Going Away (created by tornhold)
Imitation Game (created by Tatocholis)
safe and sound (created by SnowXD)
solo1 (created by PetroKek)
The Swarm (created by dennys_19)
Should I (created by alkohall)
bridge (created by
bridge pt 2 (created by
Roxy (created by shagaba)
Rose (created by shagaba)
Kappa Keepo (created by Tatocholis)
Unnamed (created by reae27)
I need air (created by alejuana2012)
LDIK (created by blake.batgo)
I Want You (created by blake.batgo)
Teest (created by Abyzz)
Melody #1 (created by Daylon123)
Initiator (created by MemFieldSyd)
Eyewitness (created by MemFieldSyd)
test (created by veritasxstrain)
Omega (created by MemFieldSyd)
A Fox's Tail (created by Vosje)
1 (created by tomasraf14)
Idk yet (created by Monkeythumbs8)
sdf (created by jareds52)
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