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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
bb (created by DST)
Soul (MB20) (created by intriguer)
suicide mission (created by Awhi100)
Electricity (created by Adam Cummings)
Fix You (created by Greplis)
Dazed & Confused (created by juandoid)
Back In Black (created by Axabitte)
Breal song (created by Z_Sanchez)
Black (created by Axabitte)
Hey Bulldog (created by Axabitte)
Krúdy riff (created by kismaresz)
senbonsakua (created by alreadyinuse)
*work in progress 2 (created by Balor)
*work in progress 3 (created by Balor)
Folkskala 1 (created by RoggaJ)
mighty (created by lewwis_5mith)
Dear Lord (created by hhood87)
SPACE (created by Guitarjack)
lost (created by DReimer)
pefect (created by JoshuaMirandilla)
mi cafetal (created by gilalonzo)
OOT - Opening (created by Plgue)
Trädgren (created by hackekarlsson57)
Trädgren (created by hackekarlsson57)
Trädgren (created by hackekarlsson57)
D MAIOR (created by renato)
C Major (created by samvhoran)
C Minor (created by samvhoran)
jussi (created by SammyOpe)
Jussi 2 (created by SammyOpe)
Uoc gi - My tam (created by nghetrung)
supfoo (created by imievans)
jazzy (created by imievans)
Canon in D (created by pnkrckr7)
a (created by Chedda56)
()Track no 13 (created by Aloha)
Lipstick Tonic (created by ukiyos)
Lipstick Tonic (created by ukiyos)
bertha (created by emmet1136)
White Roses (created by ilyasdurucan)
uh (created by Heydude)
Full House (created by yonghwa98)
onni 1 (created by SammyOpe)
Choose Life (created by alexxxhux)
You- Joelle B (created by JoelleB)
ro (created by JACKSONWZLX)
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