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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
sweeps (created by NeuroApathy)
Nancy Whiskey (created by grimace42)
2-20-2017 v1 (created by tienti)
2-20-2017 v2 (created by tienti)
1-31-2017 V1 (created by tienti)
war (created by Dejan kalinic)
tab (created by Cody Dana)
magilvom (created by Darlinton)
Get lucky (created by siyar)
Better house (created by gurnt497)
Dwell (created by Jsears41)
Trial (created by geyerat)
Home Again (created by Grant)
Okayalright - Moe (created by acam)
moon (created by yaygur)
a dorian (created by eric walker)
this one (created by pedromemes)
Aliens Exist (created by juanp423)
af (created by imredow)
Samba (created by jgransee)
1.Song (created by gorida)
Empuje (created by cliptaxi)
Anchor Lines (created by Jakewpalmer)
Anchor Lines (created by Jakewpalmer)
1st (created by tkusher)
2nd (created by tkusher)
Tragedian (created by rdoonan93)
3rd (created by tkusher)
4th (created by tkusher)
Lonely Whale (created by VJPaczek74)
Soul Blues (created by jacool1)
open space (created by simsgal521)
Puzzle (created by VJPaczek74)
2-21-2017 (created by tienti)
The Wild Rover (created by grimace42)
rappers delight (created by Agr8rex)
The Chain bass (created by Agr8rex)
First Blame (created by Circuit Band)
Nie wiem (created by FishMan)
I Will Look Up (created by fadhawk)
song (created by rodrigo barradas)
tab1 (created by Cody Dana)
Square Hammer (created by liperium)
EL REY (created by M.Rix)
Meadows (created by Tidalwave97)
The FBI (created by The Shady Tabs)
Scat (created by The Shady Tabs)
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