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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
XANANDRA SOLO (created by samoca)
my first thing (created by headwires)
Heck man idk (created by ElizabethAPR)
solo test 1 (created by cashley440)
clock town (created by barkerkr09)
Mr.Brightside (created by Camshaft)
Hmm (created by rusydeenananana)
Halo (created by Sleepy)
Hello (created by RyanJoseph)
Highway To Hell (created by Agr8rex)
Fifth (created by przemek)
Cowboy Exit Music (created by kj71)
Erbarme (created by Nemo1965)
deaznam (created by jeans31)
q (created by fnadal)
Going home (created by fnadal)
BassGuitar (created by Rnutt95)
First Riff MK2 (created by meepazor)
Little Man Guitar (created by Rnutt95)
Evil Waste (created by The Shady Tabs)
boi (created by asahota)
8 (created by asahota)
test (created by knurkin)
J Off 2 3's Co. (created by ACSupreme)
World Up My Ass (created by ACSupreme)
False Radical (created by ACSupreme)
Fucking the Dog (created by ACSupreme)
Fuck Everybody (created by ACSupreme)
Lana (created by swinginabandon)
Hahahahasula (created by aropip12)
Whole Lotta Rosie (created by Agr8rex)
TNT Bass (created by Agr8rex)
Tribute Bass (created by Agr8rex)
Master Exploder (created by Agr8rex)
Explosivo Bass (created by Agr8rex)
Tab #1 (created by Lumberinglotus)
My way (created by tetollef)
Scale Riffs (created by Fernape)
Scale Riffs (created by Fernape)
7 Nation Army (created by miffynitty)
Song Solo (created by ThijsRGF)
Pentatot Jan (created by SamiOpe)
Covenant (created by damianvoodoo)
Jukka Skaalat (created by SamiOpe)
name (created by Aloha)
desperado (created by taurivahesaar)
Mew - Web (created by jonathanbonn)
plain english (created by eplt)
Tab ceva 1 (created by GuitarTabWeeb)
25-4-2017 (created by burnouts)
desperado (created by taurivahesaar)
Glaciers (created by 1337beef)
alman (created by tabtabtabtab)
Beto (created by rafanardi)
I'm yours (created by allenn01)
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