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Large Self (created by jongmondez)
Landslide (created by rockstarguitar)
khb (created by squash)
PG m7 arp 154 (created by sekysnhoj)
unintilted (created by ringo_0)
Al Di Meola - riff (created by plunky)
Doldrums (created by notwrong)
Fear (created by MattHonnor1)
Ace (created by notwrong)
Drug Me (created by notwrong)
Narrow Vision (created by notwrong)
Ode To Joy (created by byeloth)
Rosetint (created by notwrong)
Tabs (created by 27POP27)
GONE capo 9 (created by jon)
Checkmate (created by apizzachim)
Back In Black (created by Axabitte)
tab2 (created by manu)
II-V-I Amaj (created by plunky)
Heavy Pet (created by notwrong)
Forsaken (created by 3Ross77)
Sandaligaya (created by Goznelor)
Hurts So Good (created by Axabitte)
Ending (created by JesusFucker5000)
Pisces (created by notwrong)
Ideas (created by GuitarHero96)
Christ Is Enough (created by mkopec)
No Longer Slaves (created by mkopec)
I Stand Amazed (created by mkopec)
Come Thou Fount (created by mkopec)
Great Are You Lord (created by way245)
Big Will (created by Oscarr26)
Angelo (created by kylai)
Mag Vag (created by Generic1993)
2018.03.14 (created by Yolomite)
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