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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
Snow (created by mafsje)
Name of love (created by Manole)
Arpeggio stuff (created by Aloha)
My Name Is Human (created by daydis)
Ideas (created by Dactyl49)
Clock Town (created by Frenzy)
First song (created by rhi_treble)
11716 - Tulu? (created by Ac2b42)
Chld (created by Zizit)
Dota2 (created by BlehBlahBlew)
Blue Lick #1 (created by diih_wtv)
Blues Lick #2 (created by diih_wtv)
Pink Froid (created by naiararahman)
prova (created by NicolasPedrazzi)
Song2 (created by trickyty)
Into The Void (created by ihsanflack)
lick practice1 (created by vseram7282)
whatever (created by mdw2402)
whatever (created by mdw2402)
Savannah (created by Purple1222119)
Hedwigs Theme (created by Bryony)
REMISS (created by costicolum)
No boundaries (created by MrsFuskus)
Despair (created by LukeKoopa)
Best Things (created by Flamer711)
Song (created by BoSox3000)
Ropes (created by xemoxpunx666)
Turnaround (created by Moondrift)
New Song (created by Sage_Rhys)
ice mountain (created by icemountain)
Broken Bones (created by hotshark4)
Noel (created by Derek3225)
ass 2 (created by shiveng)
Genuine Bass (created by Aloha)
love song (created by jesse2003)
LSC (created by Gdek)
Riffer (created by ianbit)
Decay (created by gmast3)
Ropes verses (created by xemoxpunx666)
Ropes chorus (created by xemoxpunx666)
ropes bridge (created by xemoxpunx666)
riff 1 (created by gbluez123)
Crash Snow Go (created by TDoble)
Crash Snow Go (created by TDoble)
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