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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
viens (created by raf)
Song #45 (created by srv502)
C chords (created by seand1816)
12 Bar Blues (created by seand1816)
heathens (created by Burgerking)
X7 arpeggios (created by inosfeno)
I don't know (created by EEEEEEEEEE)
Hi world (created by Subleaf)
Hi world (created by Subleaf)
Can Jam (created by aceguitar)
Blues Scales (created by seand1816)
3B part 3 (created by Zero_Mass)
Frigia Spagnola (created by umbe717)
marky mark (created by theunknown)
aw (created by theunknown)
solo (created by theunknown)
ilk tab (created by Kuasar)
Wind of Change (created by Austin70)
A Team (created by MattK01)
Brown Eyed (created by Benjamin)
bants (created by Benjamin)
Disco inferno 1 (created by fenix1190)
El Gato (created by Leonel)
Test (created by thesciencenut)
a1 (created by ps11)
Go Away (created by mlynch2003)
SHAPE OF YOU (created by rockandplay)
DEPEDRO - llorona (created by galago)
sick solo (created by thomas9097)
Ow Track (created by ols2302)
W.I.P. (created by lilbrownie)
Impra jest tu (created by naimad1308)
More wip (created by Neatwang)
unamed (created by ringo_0)
Sarah's Blues (created by bmxchass)
Lágrimas Negros (created by galago)
Bollere (created by galago)
Gitana Hechicera (created by galago)
oofty (created by mike peterman)
Bass (created by Lil4eyes)
Rear Seat Bike (created by waxlez)
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