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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
bra grejer (created by jonathanbonn)
I Wish I Knew (created by ClarkKenta)
give Him praise (created by smithers)
10/16/16 - 3 (created by annatto)
Rhedeg Allan (created by Guto.berwyn)
something (created by ZerkerDX2)
MouseSong (created by gberryhill1)
Heathens (created by Dmitri Ishmakov)
State of to much (created by burnouts)
Heathens (created by Guto.berwyn)
Mwgwd (created by Guto.berwyn)
STARWARS (created by realmarcus)
test (created by accrag004)
Basslien (created by Wartz)
Slowtown (created by Charizardflyer)
II BREAKDOWN (created by conniechung)
III Verse 2 (created by conniechung)
Rocky (created by artfid)
boop (created by LukeKoopa)
Stand By Me (created by rambospoptart)
Emo riff 1 (created by colour blind)
Lean On Me (created by rambospoptart)
my butt (created by Ryslife)
Irish (created by Nunya)
Narnia (created by damlaks)
Imagine (created by hughgov)
abc123 (created by jonathanbonn)
Imagine 1 (created by hughgov)
Imagine (created by hughgov)
Blues 4 (created by Ovi1996)
Follow You (created by Guitar-Guy-19)
village (created by AnarchoBrah)
15 Desert Drive (created by Dallasm)
Ggh (created by Keith Thompson)
Vvvv (created by Keith Thompson)
Magic Flips (created by pawty)
Meet Me at the Fire (created by pawty)
barnyard drones (created by pawty)
Metal Riffs (created by RookieRay)
Simple Solo (created by RookieRay)
Shot And Missed (created by RookieRay)
IV. CHORUS (created by conniechung)
Tears (created by Sokui)
little jazz (created by john053)
Randal collins (created by ryinf1)
Aamulakeuksilla (created by Greendale)
test (created by Hokeno)
bass o da cent (created by LukeKoopa)
Revolución - Solo (created by samoca)
movita (created by dwpc)
Fight Pre-Chorus (created by RomanMtz)
C Major Scale (created by benmac13)
maryjuana (created by julioanaya23)
G Major (created by benmac13)
G Major (created by benmac13)
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