Red Cliff

An unsoothing aura fills the sky (1)
Crimson flames will pass me by (2)
Emerald leaves will start to die (3)
Its time to stand up (4)

A binding force steps up to fight (1)
A tyrant rule will take its flight (2)
Horizon line, the enemy in sight (3)
Stand up now, while the time is right (4)

Pray for the wind, the gust of life (1)
From the dullest blade, to the sharpest knife (2)
Carry the fire to end this strife (3)
Dont back down, stand up and fight (4)

Strike fear into the heart (1)
Weve come so far just from the start (2)
This master plan, what a beautiful art (3)
Their fleet is burnt, keep standing now (4)

Watch them flee, far back to the towers (1)
Cheering while the ember flowers (2)
So many watch in their final hours (1)
Its time to stand,(4) this day is ours (3)
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