If you have a YouTube or Vimeo Video that you would like to embed into your guitar tab, you can add the URL to your Tab and it will show up on the site. This makes it easy to share a video lesson and your guitar tab in one location. To do this, once you have created an account, which is necessary for saving your guitar tabs, you will be directed to the guitar tab editor page. If you are logged in , you can also click on the "New Tab" menu item at the top right of the page. Once there, Towards the Bottom, is an "instruction video" section where you can add your media.

add instruction media section

By clicking on the "Add media" button, you will be directed to a modal window where you can link your video.

instruction video modal window

add the full URL in the "Add Remote video via URL" text box, then press the "Add" button.  The next screen will show you the title of the video, and ask you to either save or remove it:

save remove

By Pressing save, the media will be added to your page:

saved to page

When you save your tab, it will appear at the top of your tab view page:

video tab