What Lies Below - A Place Called Poughkeepsie

A Place called Poughkeepsie. Recorded and played on an 8 string guitar
only showing bottom 3 strings. Guitar 1 - Ben Shackson. Guitar 2 - You.
Track is on our facebook - What Lies Below.
Intro when vocals and drums kick in. 0:20 Guitar 1+2

F |------------------------4--------------------------1---
F |--3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-2x x2-3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-0-1----

F |----4-------------------------4----------------------------------------------------
A#|------------------------------------------------------[Guitar 1 ben]-[guitar 2 you]
F |--2x-x2-3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-2x x2-3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-3bxx-[1bx-1bx-1bx-]-[1bx-1bx-1bx-]

F |----7-------------------------7--------------------------5---
F |--5x-x5-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-5x x5-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-0-5----

F |----7-------------------------7----------------------------------------------------
A#|--------------------------------------------------------[Guitar 1]-----[guitar 2]--
F |--5x-x5-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-5x x5-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-7bxx-[1bx-1bx-1bx-]-[1bx-1bx-1bx-]

Workup before breakdown 0:52- (Guitar 1 plays Background noise) Guitar 2

F |--0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-

Breakdown 1 1:05 Guitar 1+2

F |----------------------------4--------------
A#|------------------------------------------- X2
F |--0xxxxxx-xxxxxxx0~~-xxxxxx--1b-0-1b-0-1/4-

Chorus 1:18 Guitar 1+2

F |--4-----------4------------4-----------4--------------------
A#|--------------------------------------------[very fast 1--]-- X2 Very fast 1, 2nd time is drum
F |---1b-0-1b-0-1--1b-0xxx0----1b-0-1b-0-1--1b-0xxxxx-x-x-x-x-- fill instead.

F |--8-----------8------------8-----------8--------------------
A#|--------------------------------------------[very fast 2--]-- x2 Very fast 2 played twice
F |---5b-0-5b-0-5--5b-0xxx0----5b-0-5b-0-5--5b-0xxxxx-x-x-x-x-- then breakdown 2

Breakdown 2 1:44 Guitar 1+2

F |-------------------------------
A#|------------------------------- X4 3rd and 4th time you Hold the Notes.
F |--xxx-xxx--xxxxx-xxxxx-x-x-x-x-

Back to the intro again 1:59 its different throughout but work it out.

Last Breakdown 2:46

F |----------------------------
A#|--------------------------1- From here and out, its played the EXACT same way as Breakdown 1
F |--0~~~~~~~[LET!!! ME!!]-0-0- only different is the added Higher note (1).
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