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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
HI (created by Pantera617)
Final Vow (created by jeremiahlarsen)
original (created by CC Lemon)
HIGH WAY b (created by zeinabsene)
HWH d (created by zeinabsene)
Jesus I Come (created by jboer)
Luna si noi (created by adrian_apostu)
Spooked (created by LukeKoopa)
Ibo Alt (created by ibo98)
9 (created by rickcheadle)
La Catedral (created by beza77)
Horizon Bass (created by dj254)
Dissonance bass (created by dj254)
21 Pilots (created by Bendfoot)
Sword Art Online (created by eds00)
3 (created by SPK7744)
You Flunked it (created by Bonzaihill)
Decks Dark (created by topkek999)
roses lead (created by Bonzaihill)
testo (created by the69criscris)
jiff (created by efields7)
dope (created by efields7)
Sneaking (created by Jaysine)
Take on me A-ha (created by aiden1164)
Solo - Mood (created by viktoropka)
Flash Forward (created by Arron088)
Lotta Nerve (created by Arron088)
Better (created by Arron088)
Gnarly (created by Arron088)
Cursed (created by Arron088)
Dead End (created by Arron088)
123 (created by tonyfontana2000)
123 (created by tonyfontana2000)
123 (created by tonyfontana2000)
123 (created by tonyfontana2000)
lsot (created by domooo)
Mayflies (created by nailgundragon)
sick (created by efields7)
La La Bass (created by mangangreg)
Act Naturally (created by Nathan37)
Present (created by Rakleon)
Smoke (created by LukeKoopa)
Solo - mood (created by viktoropka)
System - Brotherly (created by jk3921)
Ollie Sue (created by Ac2b42)
MAIOR TROFEU TOM E (created by renato)
intro 2 (created by nailgundragon)
.... (created by Ac2b42)
Take On Me (created by brentj84)
Chug Me (created by Matt.Dettorre)
So Low Flow (created by Matt.Dettorre)
Fancy (created by Matt.Dettorre)
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