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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
Open (created by BrainBlast)
Untitled (created by l0up)
cunt (created by theseapotato)
fagguty (created by theseapotato)
Forever in G (created by stmarksumccr)
C'est la guerre (created by mikeccarr)
Only Uphill (created by pasten)
Turbulence (created by hurudzhi.ivan)
Saffron (created by chadwickj098)
No bay (created by hurudzhi.ivan)
Come On (created by PopStarBelle)
Rain Walk (created by GuitarWaffle)
first tab (created by Flash93933)
khfvkh (created by Samreed95)
lyin eyes (created by Potterage)
Together (created by asdfggghjkl)
Spectre (created by mikeccarr)
sam8 first rif (created by sam19a)
Baouwz (created by Gotlandsgurra1234)
Pyramids (created by rayout7)
Drink it fast (created by henneu)
Girls and Beer (created by henneu)
Sleep (created by jakeandrews)
tämä (created by nooraattori)
idee1space (created by Djentleman)
Eridan's Theme (created by eds00)
deceptive (created by AconiteMD)
waiting (created by johankr)
Unfinished kiss (created by joncool88)
Kewl A Stuff (created by CorMazz)
kekoasong (created by krack)
dfghjk (created by Samreed95)
what robot? (created by hisoka666)
Virsi prkl (created by Greendale)
DLBIA (created by ThijsRGF)
Indifferent (created by jeremyprovchy)
Aiko Aiko (created by Sjanz415)
Best Parts (created by jeremyprovchy)
the winter (created by matheusamado)
Long Black Veil (created by Sjanz415)
Proto song (created by strippertipper)
ZAYN - Her (created by leabeiley)
BoogieMoody (created by Povlov)
Creep (created by YoshitoSora)
Angel of Harlem (created by zimms)
Lick 1 (created by Kawnursuf)
random punk song (created by Sarah L)
Basic (created by ricenoch)
Idea1 (created by skyg8a)
Tennesee Whisky (created by cbozell)
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