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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
He´s A Pirate (created by Trubbas)
djent (created by djmf)
First (created by Seshy96)
E minor pentatonic (created by Teo)
djont (created by djmf)
Simple Dog (created by hiramr)
Even So Come (created by bmarsh)
bedford ave (created by themailman098)
חריימה (created by gerev7)
Teddy Picker (created by tennisboy08)
solo (created by Kiarab)
Song 2 (created by masdyroy95)
song 1 (created by masdyroy95)
Tab #01 (created by sustrak)
32nd Note (created by Tomtarbuck)
Life betrayed (created by mwaite126)
Lick/Bass (created by Kawnursuf)
Riff 1 (created by Kawnursuf)
Riff 2 (created by Kawnursuf)
Riff 6 (created by Kawnursuf)
Intro (created by Kawnursuf)
Riff 8 (created by Kawnursuf)
Am Blues Lick (created by TopEndTaber)
hotline bling (created by jyash)
Nacogdoches (created by elihatch)
Paper Moon (created by The Slippery D)
autumn (created by d grewe)
Lets Go Cards (created by KBoyd)
We Will Rock You (created by KBoyd)
impro intro (created by kissthevoid)
Unnamed (created by LukeKoopa)
My M&M (created by antoniofdelgado)
Licks (created by rafaelvasco)
G Blues Scale (created by Tom7711)
Exercises (created by rafaelvasco)
Exercises 2 (created by rafaelvasco)
Tranquility (created by rafaelvasco)
Apache Bridge (created by LJN62)
hotline original (created by jyash)
Power Rock (created by jedil)
my, uncomplete (created by alex218)
Unititled (created by Seb)
Untitled 2 (created by Seb)
Konosuba (created by jl140)
kgmsk wip (created by jl140)
Untitled 3 (created by Seb)
Test (created by FatherTime)
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