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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
song 3 (2) (created by koro7inch)
idk yet (created by goldyoren)
complacency (created by matheusamado)
testing (created by meowmix)
Found (created by Muovinen)
Blues (created by laaltone)
Troubled Times (created by BVC)
Sanctuary (created by Chandler47)
Sanctuary (created by Chandler47)
8 (created by REDelJavi)
9 (created by REDelJavi)
Tune in C Major (created by Tom7711)
Soledad (created by Xinxin4576)
Lòng Mệ (created by Xinxin4576)
Tune 2 (created by VinaSAV13)
Final comp (created by shaquantewill)
Your Love (created by jglisch30)
Pretend (created by elluuhnn)
autumnleaves (created by Santtu95)
luvly jubly (created by J-roc)
Hedwig's Theme (created by jrussell13)
Crass bass (created by XLucidJesterx)
stuff (created by JustinBeitz)
Does it matter? (created by LukeKoopa)
hhhhhh (created by citaface)
I See Fire (created by jglisch30)
renaissance (created by Madair)
JS01 (created by Tanzer)
first one (created by xmc)
The meh song! (created by OleTopia)
Burnin' School (created by andrex7)
New Song (created by RazorBlade)
A Major (created by caskin)
tab 2 (created by xmc)
Pierrot temp (created by Toxo)
LICKS EM C MAIOR (created by renato)
test (created by Ced1214)
Iron Cast (created by queteimporta)
cannon in D (created by Madair)
A Dark Rainbow (created by jakelison)
Adventure (created by GuitarWaffle)
Saturday Night (created by Mur ray)
O.D.I.R. (created by hetkarakter)
Dixie (created by William Craswell)
Servant (created by hetkarakter)
Krakenbass (created by Kawnursuf)
C137-Bass (created by Kawnursuf)
Pity Party (created by megtwelve)
Joyce (created by megtwelve)
Harsh Spring (created by megtwelve)
Song 1 (created by stuarttomkins7)
LICKS EM G ou E m (created by renato)
chap comp (created by themailman098)
LICKS EM F ou Dm (created by renato)
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