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Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs
Shallow (created by Evanm95)
dark & gloomy (created by gonzohj)
dark & gloomy (created by gonzohj)
dark & gloomy (created by gonzohj)
dark & gloomy (created by gonzohj)
22-2 (created by Puddington)
1 (created by DRAQX)
all blues mix (created by bsilver2001)
Old Pine (created by cjlenox)
riff 13 (created by Kawnursuf)
tst (created by chowbaaron)
ts2G (created by chowbaaron)
Riff 1 (created by madates)
labor (created by kronder)
Unravel (created by rockelg)
Enough For Me (created by BrainBlast)
Traveling (created by BrainBlast)
riff 2-22 (created by nasophiliac)
16 (created by Solarbyte)
EVH Legato (created by cdjonz)
Rhoads Legato (created by cdjonz)
Sandman (created by Whampadick79)
Rev it up (created by jackbauman)
Riff 2-22-16 (created by nasophiliac)
Megan Holden (created by meganjholden)
Silzie (created by n1maa)
Dream of a Musician (created by ADLas)
Saints (created by michaeljamespowell)
1234 C Dim (created by Tomtarbuck)
Competition (created by TripleM12)
Waltz for Zizi (created by NB_)
F-lick (created by villafuerte.kurt)
itec (created by jonahmoter)
Tunglugn (created by hefta)
Summertime (created by joshrj228)
Face the Sun (created by midnight16)
E Scale (created by Winston)
jay z big pimpin (created by eatmyuke)
few hours before (created by bluelou)
riff idè (created by nilsf01)
Sountrack for Ice (created by mzulli)
Tabs Gedöns... (created by Sungam)
Obsolete (Part B) (created by mzulli)
test (created by Gabriel Aronson)
df (created by kronder)
Song 1 Verse1 (created by Samreed95)
Chorus melody (created by Samreed95)
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